Hi, I’m Steffen and I am obsessed with trading.

For years and years I have been spending many of my waking and sleeping hours wondering and pondering about the financial markets. Trying to figure out the secret to the greatest game on earth.

I have yet to have the epiphany of total victory and flawless trading. The holy grail has not materialized. But the dream is very much alive and my results have improved. It feels like after all those years of misery and struggle I am finally not losing money and moving into profitability.

If you are anything like me, your dream probably looks a lot like this, too:

I will become financially independent. No more calculating about expensive dinners, booking that next flight, taking a taxi in the rain, buying a round of drinks for friends. No more headaches about retirement savings. No more begging for the next salary raise or negotiating for the next contract as in my case.

I will work location independently, from anywhere I want, especially beaches, maybe mountains, cafes. Maybe even my own house some day.

Being a trader will not be a life of total leisure, but I will do what I love. And in my case that is following the markets, charting out opportunities and then trading them for profit with conviction.