Hamburg, Germany

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Trade With Conviction

[Trade Signal] Buy Dax @12.030

I took this trade signal for a buy of the German DAX. Entered long at 12030 for a continuation of the still intact long-term weekly uptrend. My point of invalidation is a break below 11850.

Ano Lobb - Question of Money (License CC 2.0)

Has The Market Correction Ended? Dow Jones Chart Analysis

The recent stock market correction was one of the biggest and fiercest corrections in the history of American capitalism (point-wise), with its selling climax last Monday. Yet the recovery rally seems equally strong. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s price already negated half of the sharp decline. What’s next? Status Quo I don’t have a crystal ball and…
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A $GDX Trade With Awesome RRR

RRR-wise, it can’t get much better than this $GDX trade! My estimate is an initial RRR of about 20:1!!! How are the odds that this plays out as planned? I don’t know, as I have never backtested wedge breaks. But it doesn’t really matter that much, be it 50% win ratio or 20% or even…
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EURUSD realtime trade

I have skimmed through a backtest of my strategy on EURUSD on the 3 minute chart. And ignoring spreads the results look similar to the very promising backtests off the 4H and daily charts. That’s my green light to trade this whenever opportunity presents itself. So here is my first entry, almost in realtime: